Sonntag, 19. März 2017

my pleasure, my pain

I had not seen it coming but you must have planned the entire scene in your head.
We listened to sad folk music in your room. I had been there before, without you. It was a different place now with all your stuff laying around. Socks, boxers, tissues, shirts... I remembered it plain, mysterious and inspiring but I also enjoyed your presence in this mess. You had forced me to sit down as you sensed I was scared. A smart move to lower the probability of leaving.
Then everything went pretty fast. One long intense look led to a fight. You understood immediately that your physical force turned me on. I liked your weight on my body and the submission it lead to, while you enjoyed the superiority and power over my skin, my legs, my arms, my uterus and my face. My body got wet and felt intense pleasure, which made me angry. My hand slapped your face with full force. You obviously did not expect this as you payed me back with double power. I could feel the memory of your fingers burning a mark in my face and the blood pulsing, creating a crazy heat that made my head numb. Clothes flew and we got naked in no time. It was obvious that you would love to eat me out. Not to pleasure me but to prove something to your own ego. I would blow you for the same reason. What a bloody mess you created. You bit and scratched .. and we kept pushing each others limits. I saw blood on your lips and teeth and the scratches all over my hands. Hitting, spitting, moving, pushing... No mercy and  a constant power play. You found my weak spot and fingered me till I came, squirting heavily all over your arm. When I came, you pushed me down to ensure even in this moment that you were in charge, that you were running the scene, whiping the juice all over my face. My knees felt post orgasmic weakness, too soft to stand up. Sitting on your dick, I got into an insane rush of rhythm and sweat. I loved to see your body flinch and twich in orgasm and my vagina fill up with hot cum. I stood up and let it drop back on your belly just to smear it all over your chest, sticking my fingers in your mouth to make you taste your own weakness.
Hate raised in your eyes. You pushed me back down and fucked me mercyless, never breaking eye contact. Harder and harder with the will to destroy this entire scenario and me. I enjoyed the pain, always remembering that I d rather feel too much than too little. You came a second time, this time on my belly. Your left hand was feeding me with the cum while you gently choked me with your right one, biting my neck and spreading my legs to side so I could still feel your hard dick on me.
It took me a moment to realize: You had written the entire play upfront, directed it with force and persuation. I hated you and hated me even more for giving in. Slowly I took my clothes and went to the bathroom, saying i would be back in a minute. I left without saying goodbye,  without a shower and with the smell of piss and cum to guide me back home.
You left some bruises as souvenirs, making sure I would not forget about my submission too soon and who the boss in this game was. It s obviously blue that reminds me of you and blood that reminds you of me.

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