Samstag, 25. März 2017

friendly fire

I wrote you a letter 
With fireworks in the sky
"You shine brighter than galaxies 
I love you 
Good night, good bye" 
The clouds danced in colors 
Then saddled the dust 
The air smelled of fire 
And we knew we must 
Move on 
I was Dancing in sunday shoes with short bangs 
the pavement blues 
With stray cats and small town ghosts 
The streetlights our noble hosts 
A celebration of things we lost 
I ll leave second hand flowers on your doorstep 
And wave you farewell 
Dress homeless in ballgowns 
the truth s hard to tell
You re one of a kind kid 
Stonecold like the moon 
Sleep tight in firework blankets 
we ll meet again soon

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