Montag, 27. Februar 2017

the challanges of growing a bush

I don´t really remember the last time I wore a full grown bush. It must have been one and a half years ago when my best friend and me took a several weeks long van trip along the atlantic coast. As most of the beaches along the spanish and partugues coast are nudist beaches I felt that a bush would give me more comfort in my body and a stronger sense of beeing a woman rather than a girl. Simular to tattoos bushes make you feel less naked regardless the amount of clothing on your body. Quite early in the trip the decision to let it grow was made. I disposed off my shaver and was curious where it would go. My secret wish was a huge black bush with glossy hair, that would reflect water drops in the sun and equal a very tiny bikini bottom. Unfortunately my pubic hair has a simular color as my eyebrows and my childhood hair (a dark blonde ginger tone, that s far from the dark brown or black I had imagined when starting).

The first three weeks were so incredibly annoying: it was itching stratching stitching! I could not recall that my bush hair had the feeling of thin wire and did not follow any direction, what a beasty behavior. Growing curly and twisted with a huge volume it managed to stitch through my underwear and create a weird look. The feeling was incredibly uncomfortible but from an esthetic perspective it started to look cooler by the day. Also the crazy amount of body fluids caught in there during sex is a nice erotic feature.
But do you know what the best part about growing a bush is? It s the discomfort it creates in other people! Whenever you go skinny dipping, drop your pants in the van or your bathing suit in the shower people would just stare with disbelive. Guess our internet porn education got us used to perfectly shaved vaginas that remind you of 12 year olds.
Two months in the game my bush had reached quite a size and challanged my nervouse limits. On a weak day this limit was reached: I just gave in and shaved it off. Beeing a queer chick I obviously get the advantages of a shaved pussy: no hair in your mouth while eating people out, cleaner, softer... but still there is always the feeling of sticking your fingers either into a child or a turkey (both definitely mess with my head...).
Images of women with insane dark bushes arouse me very easily and fill me with envy. So one month ago I decided to give it another shot. This time I´d write a bush diary to capture all the discomfort awaiting this project. My friend Matty sais you can t put a price on style and that I should just deal with it ( but he also added that he gets confused beeing presented this amount of hair on a womans vagina). Four weeks in the game I m already close to struggeling again: still blonde, still itchy still annoying.... but even if my fellow bed mates don t appreciate the curly nest inbetween my legs, the strength and unruliness of the hair feel crazy cool during masturbation. And there is one more month to go. I m exhausted and a little proud. Keep in touch for final results, whooppp.

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