Montag, 24. Oktober 2016

spinnin´ around and around... favourite record shops pt.2

Some might say that Amsterdam is the nicest place on earth. Well, to be honest the name "Old Amsterdam" is pretty matching. It´s charming in its old slow and modest way. For a capital city its pace is incredibly slow and the atmosphere calm and chilled. To be honest: after some time it s rather unexiting. Anyway it happens to be the home of one of my favourite record shops. Distortion records is located on the Westerstraat pretty close to one of Amsterdams countless canals. The store follows a very own messy conception and unusual untidy design, a mystery to everyone besides the charming owner and shopcrew. The genre classification is rather individual and changes every once in a while. You might find your favourite record either in one of the unpacked boxes, or thrown down carelessly on the ground. Either way: they have EVERYTHING! the challange is just to find it. How they keep track of whats  where will always remain a riddle to me but I figured out that asking helps a lot and they will immediately get you what you are looking for + provide great new artists that also might float your boat. I just love browsing around there and catch some Vinyl from Kranky Records, Sahel Sound or a nice  Slint bootleg. Bring time and a clear mindset otherwise it migth just throw you off track and confuse you. 
Guess you just gotta love it.... I visit them on a daily base as they are a ten minute walk from my home on the Elisabeth Wolffstraat. The walk there is quite meditative and always a good approach to dampen my daily hate. You probaly won t leave empty handed. 

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