Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

spinnin´ around and around... favourite record shops

Wherever you may roam a record shop is alwys a good spot to catch a feeling of home and comfort. As they are usually an extension of their owners, they vary in style, interior and genres sold.
Unlike most people I will always prefer a tiny shop with a good selection to Amoeba records (feeling lost and overwhelmed is not my prefered way of shopping records).
Luckily I happened to stumble over some of this shops, that would always offer a good time and great tunes.

Big Tiger Records (Bangkok)
What are you gonna do with a great taste in music and a very limited budget? Exactly: open up a two times three meter big record store in one of the worlds biggest cities. Located in the crazy JJ market in Bangkok Big Tiger Records offers a great selection of Molam, Funk and Worldmusic, that would provide samples for at least 50 years of Wu Tang and MF Doom tracks.
All Thai press so it s always a great suprise. Run by two boys from Bangkok and Hamburg the mix is just insane. They know what they are selling and will definetly keep cool stuff for themselves but  tell you whereelse to get it or play it countless times to make you jelouse. Jan loves to dj for hours ignoring your buying attempts. He wrote a book about traditional thai music. Free beers and fruit, great dancing, good people, portable record players from Japan. This little gem is only open on saturdays, so come early and bring some time to browse the countles boxes in this diy built cabin.

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