Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

A loveletter to the neighborhood: Old Blood Noise Endeavours Headphone Amp

While most people enjoy sleeping late till dawn I´m an idiotic early bird. I love to start my days around six, do Yoga one hour, meditate and breath for 30min, then just chill out in my underwear, drink coffee and masturbate. This is also my prefered time to grab my guitar and lovely effect pedals and drown in noise.

After beeing requested repeatedly to stop waking the squatting community up before ten a.m. I was lucky to find this beautiful piece of musical apparel. The crew of old blood noise endeavours has a heart for harmony and invented this great-sounding headphone amp. It s created as simple as it gets. The design even allows you to share the sound with beloved company, offering a second headphone entry. You will basically hear the very authentiv pure sound coming out of your pedal board. Clean and bright and simple. I love it so much and am forever greatful to be able to keep up my internal schedule.
I bought the pink valentines edition. The regular design is a simple black and white combo. Price round about 130$.
Also check out their impressive effect pedals and corresponding demos. Some also featuring the she shreds magazin. My favorites are the Procession Reverb and the Black Fountain Delay. Promising company with nice characters.

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