Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

asymptote - agreeing in difference

People are great. Honestly! Pretty much everyone. I like the kind ones, but way better I like the mean ones, the difficult ones, the jerks and monsters. The reason for this is a pretty simple one: i consider them different from myself. Some show differences in a positiv way, some just scare the living crap out of me. The greater the difference the better. There is literally nothing I could be less interested in than people simular to myself. Just like you or probably most people, I m very aware of and familiar with my own disfunctions, failures and triggers. So there is nothing exiting about that. Therefore people with a completly different and alien mindset attract me a lot. There is a lot to learn and figure and and understand. Challange is attractive. There s no need to agree with their views, positions and argumements but it is a clear reminder these perspectives exist and are to be respected. 
The approach towards these people is always very exiting. I personally have a very hard time beeing open and honest and trust them. It s a good exersize. And to be honest: usually I just stay at a safe distance. But with some of them it s a mysterious spiritual connection. It s like finding a negative, your aenima. The combination would build something whole, something round and complete. It took me some time to understand that respect and appreciation of the others exitence was the reason for this. This offers a solid foundation for a dialogue, a discurs. And while observing and understanding, the two positions move closer and distance shrinks. Like two curves in an axis of abscissas. But people are people and noone is free of angst. A minimum amount of mistrust will always remain. And just like an asymptote we move closer and closer in time, never crossing. As we are not brave enough to stumple into each others beeing and accepting completly.  It s a soothing but at the same time sobering metaphor. What instruments or circumstances would be necessary to manage this remaining distance? Should anyone have ideas or proposals for turning an asymptote into a tangent, please feel free to write. Collision is probably something harsh, but at the same time it sets free a lot of enery. It would be a waste not to use it.

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