Montag, 31. August 2015

Bad Feminist

Exposing your nipples, while other women are trying to fight sexism? Talking gossip about aweful women, while others are fighting to establish sisterhood? Or listening to Rihanna while your friends put up Beyond Pink shows? Does that make you a bad feminist? 
Maybe you just like your nipples as they are part of a body that you enjoy and treasure. Maybe you talk gossip as some humans are just aweful and women happen to be human sometimes. Maybe your musical spectrum covers music from Daphne Oram to Taylor Swift. Feminism is what you make of it, as long as you care about the issue. This is the approach followed by Roxane Gay in her essay collection called "bad feminist". From gender related scrabble discurs to rape-encouriging language and domestic violence, her book covers various topics. All of them relevant for a healthy social interaction and with a special regard to the female perspective. Always emphesizing the struggle to position yourself as a women in a world that covers all shades from fashist feminism to ignorance. Besides "sisterhood is forever" this is one of my favourite works on this topic so far. Judgemental at times, rethorically unripe, unintented heteronomative but nevertheless critical and reflected writing by a strong female character. If you are too lazy to read you should check out her charming TED talk.
Roxane Gay : Confessions of a bad feminist 

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